The All You Need to Know About Fondant Cake and Cream Cake

Cakes are the most special sweet dish which completes our every small and big happy occasion and a single bite of yummy flavored freshly baked cake can make our happy occasion more enticing and everlasting memorable. While due to the existence of the heavy range and variety of cakes may create a confusing chapter for the customers to select one cake for these two yummy creamy cakes Fondant cake or Cream cake. To overheal the customers from this confusing situation the bakery-wala is here to make you familiar with every good and bad about both the varieties of the cakes.

Fondant Cake

Its a variety of cake which has too much amount of sugar in it, as fondant is actually the icing material of a cake which is basically created with the dough of sugar paste with including the heavy sugar worthy ingredients like sugar, glucose, gelatin, etc. These cakes are having a silky and smooth texture which can be easily folded to get any shape and also rolled over around the cake which makes the cake more elegant in look wise. To make the fondant icing more beautiful and tasty the bakers prefers to add some food colors and artificial flavors in it.

Cream Cake

The cakes which are selling in the market as the name of a cream cake are in real made with the exact count mixture of butter, sugar, and cream whipped. Well to cover a cake with the creamy icing, the cream must be of multiple textures like fluffy, thicker and of creamy consistency. The cream icing generally comes in flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc. Due to the fluffy and spongy in nature, the creamy icing makes it simple and easy for the cake decorators to design the cake in any shape or theme.

The difference between Fondant and Cream Cake:

  • The fondant cakes are sweeter in taste while the cream cakes are not too much sweet.
  • The fondant cakes have silky in nature and the cream cakes are fluffy.
  • The cream cakes are light in weight and the fondant cakes are heavy weighted.
  • The cream cakes can melt soon while the fondant is of hard consistency, thus they can’t melt.
  • The fondant cakes are made up of artificial colors and flavors, while the cream cakes use natural ingredients.

Order a Faundant and cream Cake from the bakery-wala

Both fondant and the cream cake has their own flavors and also have their own yum taste, so whatever your choice cakes if just simply place an online cake order form the bakery-wala and get the free delivery of the ordered cake at your doorstep

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