Five Marketing Tips in the Bakery Down the Street

A stroll to your corner bakery may teach you some significant advertising tips to your business

Do not have a corner bakery?

That is OK. Take a virtual stroll with me to a cozy, well-lit bakery along a busy road. It’s only a couple blocks from the front door.

You make every excuse you can to stop by. You duck in their door many times weekly, and always leave with a bag in hand.


This tiny bakery does lots of stuff right. They’re simple things, actually, and they go far beyond flour and yeast.

In fact, none of them have to do with the standard of the product, which will be about exactly the same as what you buy in your local grocery store.

What is their secret? What brings a steady flow of customers through their doors?

1. Friendly greetings make a relationship

You enjoy going to the corner bakery because after a couple of visits, they know your head, and what you want to purchase.

It’s far more enjoyable to do business with a person you can interact with than with a shelf at the grocery store, right?

Use this idea to your company, too. Find ways to say hello to your own customers. (Unsure who your customers are? Utilize my Ideal Client Finder to figure this out.)

A easy way to do so is to compose a friendly welcome message to your email promoting list subscribers.

Run promotions and maintain a list of who buys what.

Keep the lines of communication available. It goes without saying that you ought to greet customers with a smile when they come through your door, whether that’s a door with hinges or a virtual door.

And if your company is 100 percent online, respond promptly to email and questions. Let them know there’s a person on the opposite side of the website.

2. Always be tempting

The key to fresh, successful marketing is to be sure you’re always tempting your market with something new.

Is whole grain the most recent craze? If you’re a baker, you develop a lineup of whole-grain-based noodles, breads and pizza crusts, right?

Create services and goods which meet the requirements and desires of those men and women who frequent your business.

Strike up a conversation, or take a survey. Invite your best customers to a cup of java, or inquire for 15 minutes on the telephone.

The time spent listening will enable you to create tempting offerings that keep them coming back for more

3. Let them catch the odor

Wise bakeries like our bakery down the road open their doors wide when the weather allows to advertise all of that fresh-baked goodness to everyone within smelling distance. It does not cost them anything to open the door.

Entice your customers by making your business accessible through social networking. Let them know the latest happenings, and keep them up-to-date on fresh promotions.

Do not sell all of the moment, though. Social media works best when it’s a mixture of conversation, content and marketing.

The percentage will vary depending upon your organization, but suffice it to say that no one wants to follow an account that has absolute advertising messages.

So speak, sell and share to keep your “scent” from the air without irritating folks.

4. Don’t Forget to offer day old bread

Do you have products which are not selling? Better still, bundle them together with your other offerings and make them in a package deal.

If a number of your services have not been a hit, then you don’t necessarily need to ditch them completely. Try mixing them with other providers to make a completely different offering that’s even better than before

That is exactly what our bakery does. This day-old bread they sell at 50% off consistently has takers. As well as their bread pudding, croutons and stuffing mix are actually just unsold merchandise that is repackaged into something much better.

5. Utilize the Baker’s Dozen concept for loyal, repeat customers

You have got to love it once you buy a dozen of something and the baker throws an extra from the bag. It would not be the same if she stated “$6.99 for 13.” Somehow “$6.99 for a dozen, plus you get one for free” seems like a far better deal.

Everyone loves freebies, after all. How do you incorporate this idea in your marketing?

Find a means to add value to your goods with the addition of bonuses that produce the product even better.

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