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Since 2016 December, Bakery-Wala have been delighting with yummy fruit cakes, chocolates cakes, photo cakes and many more. Everything began with the cake which we order sometimes reaches late that spoils the instant along with the enthusiastic for the taste. So we chose to deliver cake at the lightening fast speed, yes you heard it right “lightening fast speed” but with special care to ensure your cold cake remains chilly when you get it.

Cake Tastes only great when it’s baked and chilly fresh. We promise to send you the cakes in a very time that you have mentioned at the transportation page. We provide fresh baked cakes for every occasions like Valentine’s day on time, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Fathers day, Mothers day or some celebration craving for cake. Now cakes that are online cake delivery in Indore.

What Makes Us Different:

We’re offering wide variety of cakes like egg-less cakes, drawing cakes, 3D cakes, photo cakes,Cake on time cakes groups that are special, On-Line Birthday cakes which will certainly Wake Up Your Taste Buds. We made it sure that customer consistently gets mouth watering quality cakes at very affordable prices. Besides that, services like midnight delivery, on time delivery gives liberty to user choose time and delivery date as per their convenience and our staff that is highly encouraging makes sure that you gets what you urged.

Nothing pleases a crowd rather like baked goods. Whether you’re planning to get a party or looking to overwhelm a loved one, or just want to give yourself a well-deserved delicacy, all of our cakes will bring a smile in your face.

Figure out our best in class creative designer cakes that they make in complete isolation in order that they can Vow you when taste it. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or join our newsletter.

We look forward to Vow your seconds, your family and friends.

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